All teams must be aware of U.S. Figure Skating 2019 TOI Guidelines and Rules. These can be found in the Resource Box on the Theatre On Ice page.

Scenery and Props:

  • Scenery may only be used in the free skate.
  • The use of scenery and/or props is optional and not mandatory.
  • Scenery may not be more than 7’6′ in height (2.3 meters).
  • Scenery must fit into a 10′ x 10′ space for storage
  • All scenery must be portable and not require any mechanical means for transportation (i.e. forklift, etc.). Its movement will be the responsibility of the team.
  • All scenery must be placed on the ice by the members of the team’s prop crew at the designated scenery door; skaters must pick up scenery and/or props at that door when their team is announced.
  • Members of the team’s prop crew may not set foot on the ice.
  • Skaters may not step off the ice to bring scenery onto the ice surface.
  • The use of smoke, fire, liquids, live animals, feathers or any substance that may harm the ice surface and/or skaters is not permitted. These items will not be allowed on the ice surface.
  • No propulsion devices will be permitted. This includes items such as cannons and trampolines. These will not be allowed on the ice surface.
  • No mirrors or glass of any is allowed on the ice.

Prop/Scenery Deductions

Any item which violates the scenery and/or prop guidelines will receive a 0.2 deduction on the first mark from the judging panel.

Handheld Props/No Scenery (Preliminary Only):

  • Hand held props may be used however the focus should be on the skating and performance and not the manipulation of props. They are to enhance the program if used.
  • Hand held props are options and are not required.
  • Each hand held prop must be carried onto the ice surface by one skater. They may not be in bins or containers.
  • Props are limited to a maximum of one per skater.
  • Props must be carried (not pushed or pulled) during the majority of the program.
  • Hand held props may be briefly placed on the ice surface (out of the way of other skaters) near the boards.
  • No scenery means that nothing can be placed on the ice surface to provide decoration of any kind. Hand held props placed briefly on the ice must not be used as decoration but placed near the boards out of the way.

Scenery Breakdown:

  • At the completion of the performance, teams will be permitted 2 minutes to remove all scenery. When removing the props from the ice, the skaters may not step off the ice. Members of the team’s prop crew may not set foot on the ice.
  • Timing of exit will begin with the first skater’s movement from their ending position.
  • There will be no timing announcements during the breakdown period.

All expenses incurred for scenery transportation or storage (prior to/after the competition date) are the responsibility of the Team. All scenery must be out of the prop tent within 1 hour after the team’s free skate competition. 

Scenery/Prop Storage Space Rental

5′ x 10′ – $50.00
10′ x 10′ – $100.00